Internet Security Operations and Intelligence (ISOI5)

September 11 - 12, 2008
Tallin, Estonia

Hosts: Estonian CERT


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Day Time Duration
Registration and coffee 11 Sep 9:00 :30
Anti-Malware Testing: Why is it such a Battleground?
David Harley, ESET
11 Sep 9:30 :25
Spamhaus 11 Sep 9:55 :10
Irek Parafjanczuk, Team Cymru
11 Sep 10:05 :20
The death of the pattern file
David Perry, Trendmicro
11 Sep 10:25 :20
ShadowServer 11 Sep 10:45 :15
Sandbox and stuff
Righard J. Zwienenberg, Norman
11 Sep 11:00 :15

David Piscitello

11 Sep  11:15 :15 
Coffee 11 Sep 11:30 :20

Descent Into the Core
Joe Stewart, SecureWorks

11 Sep 11:50 :20

User behavior simulation in malware analysis
Carsten Willems

11 Sep 12:10 :20

Malfeasance Landscape: Mapping the Hot-Spots in Europe
Rick Wesson

11 Sep 12:30 :20
Panel: Up-and-coming criminal technologies
Carsten Willems
Joe Stewart
Rick Wesson
Juraj Malcho
11 Sep 12:50 :40
Lunch 11 Sep 13:30 1:00

"Latimeria chalumnae"
Anto Veldre

11 Sep 14:30 :20

Reversing Storm
Pierre-Marc Bureau, ESET

11 Sep 14:50 :20

Balancing end user security and third party impact
Ryan Hicks

11 Sep 15:10 :20


11 Sep 15:30 :30

Cyberspace and the Changing Nature of Warfare
Kenneth Geers, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

11 Sep 16:00 :20

Botnet data on the Georgian attacks
Danny McPherson, Arbor

11 Sep


Cyberwar Threat: A serious threat, or our own fault?
Viktor Larionov
11 Sep 16:40 :20

Panel: The Estonian attacks by the defenders
Jaan Priisalu (Head of IT Risk Management Hansapank)
Anto Veldre
Aivo Jürgenson (Head of security, Elion)
Ilmar Ã.le (Estonian Ministry of Defence)
Raul Rebane (media)
Hillar Aarelaid (Estonian CERT manager)
Moderator: Gadi Evron

11 Sep 17:00 1:00
Registration and coffee 12 Sep 9:00 :30

Evilware in consumer goods on the shelves
Marcus Sachs, Verizon

12 Sep 9:30 :20
Panel: Strategizing against organized crime
Marc Sachs
Gadi Evron
Barry Greene
Danny Mcpherson
12 Sep 9:50  :50

DNSSEC: Why you now need to implement it and how
Keith Mitchell

12 Sep 10:40 :15

Threats Intelligence: A Multi-Viewpoints Approach to Acquire Knowledge on Internet Threats.
Olivier Thonnard, Ecole Royale Militaire, Belgium
Marc Dacier, Symantec Research Labs, France

12 Sep 10:55 :20

Pat Cain, APWG

12 Sep 11:15 :15 
Coffee 12 Sep 11:30 :30

Panel: Global incident response, what's missing
Kurt Erik Lindqvist
Mark Seiden
Marc Sachs
Nicolas Fischbach

12 Sep 12:00 :40 

Hacker's Profiling: wrong myths, true facts.
Raoul Chiesa, UNICRI
(United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute)

12 Sep 12:40 :20

Briefing: Georgian Attacks
Estonian CERT

12 Sep 13:00 :30 
Lunch 12 Sep 13:30 1:00

RBN; Myth or Magic
Jart Armin

12 Sep 14:30 :20

Paul Sop, Prolexic

12 Sep 14:50 :20

Advances and considerations in defending a country
Hillar Aarelaid, Estonia CERT Manager

12 Sep 15:10 :20
Coffee 12 Sep 15:30 :30

Panel: The Georgian attacks: kiddies, state-sponsored, information and implications
Hillar Leoste (Shadowserver)
Toomas Lepik (Estonian CERT)
Jart Armin
Other members TBA

12 Sep 16:00 1:00 
Global Incident Response Management
Gadi Evron
12 Sep 17:00 :20
The Limits of 'permitted self-help' in Internet Security and Intelligence
Alana Maurushat
12 Sep 17:20 :20
Wrap up 12 Sep 17:40 :20


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Conference Organizers: Gadi Evron, Estonian CERT, RL Vaughn